About Installation File Format


Star should be installed via source. To do that, you need to install the crystal compiler.

There are 2 ways to install star via source:

  1. Easy-install script
  2. $ curl | sudo bash
  3. Git clone
  4. $ git clone && cd star
    $ make install


Star CLI is written in Crystal, so it's compiled. Star CLI is the only officially supported way to use starfiles, but others can create libraries and CLI programs in other languages.

Star CLI supports the following starfile features:

$ ./star -h
  star - The Stupid Archive format

  star v0.2.2

    star [command] [flags] [arguments]

    combine <star file> [file1 file2 ...]   Combines the files into a .star file.
    extract [opts] <star file> [outfile]    Extracts all files
    help [command]                          Help about any command.
    verify                                  Verify the archive.
    version                                 Show the star program version

    -h, --help      Help for this command. default: 'false'.
        --verbose   Run with verbose output. default: 'false'.